Plan for Better Communities

Credit unions plan for better communities as they keep their members’ personal financial data secure and privacy protected against hackers and other bad actors

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Advancing the lives of Credit Union Members

Through good times and bad, America’s credit unions have been there to help build and grow the middle class. Credit Unions are not-for-profit, financial cooperatives owned by and operated for the benefit of members. Stronger credit unions make Stronger Communities.

Credit unions are better for families because they serve people banks won’t help. They have been there with low-interest loans for medical emergencies, more options to help families pay for college or buy a home and financial literacy programs to empower consumers to better than financial lives.
Credit unions are better for our communities because as not-for-profit cooperatives, they return earnings locally, investing in the communities they serve instead of shipping profits to Wall Street. That’s why now, more than ever, America’s credit unions provide the solutions we need for the middle class to survive and thrive.

The Credit Unions’ Plan for Better Communities is a common-sense, bipartisan set of solutions to transform the financial lives of all Americans, no matter where they live.

Plan for better communities through: